Monday, November 8, 2010

A Memory of Bill Haas

I visited Bill in the hospital about two weeks before he died. Somehow, I didn't get around to thanking him for an important idea he left with me many years ago. Perhaps I can repair that omission by sharing the idea with those who read this.

About every other year, Bill would give a speech describing a difficult time in his life and how he prevailed. Within the space of a few months, his marriage dissolved, his mother died and he became a District Governor of Toastmasters International - all the while working full-time in a demanding job.

He described how he rigidly compartmented his life ... while performing in one compartment, he resolutely refused to even entertain thoughts about other aspects of his life.

Since then I have applied this principle especially when driving. When I'm in my driving compartment, I'm never rushed, never worried about what I'll do on arrival. When I arrive, I'm out of the driving compartment, ready for new environment.

I'm sure this has made me a safer, calmer driver.

I've been blessed to know Bill and my life will be poorer without him.

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